Our teaching approach is based on a simple idea: learning a new language is unique and special to each of us. We have different learning styles and personalities that influence the way we learn and communicate.


Making French yours

Our classes are carefully structured:

  • grammar and vocabulary studies
  • pronunciation practice
  • thematic and cultural activities

You build strong foundations in French and develop sustainable communicative skills.


Meaningful learning

Through innovative teaching strategies, we maintain our attention on each person individually.
We value participative learning and welcome daily life French experiences you wish to share in class.

More than a school, Lalangue is a way of learning.

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Our approach is rooted in the following fields and techniques:
European Council communicative approach for language teaching, Coaching and Differentiated Instruction, Learning Theories, Language Awareness and Applied Montessori Approach.


« My teacher at Lalangue is gem - she truly has the gift of teaching. »

Kristen P. – Country Manager for a US multinational – Paris, France

« The classes were made to fit our level and the teacher combined the tasks that we liked better with the more constructive (dry) aspects of learning a new language. Practicing talking was very pleasant and fluid. I was looking forward to every lesson because it was the time to feel good about my French! »

Michal R. – Graphic Designer – Tel Aviv, Israel

« The teacher’s special skill is providing an understanding of how French works. Rather than just spotting mistakes, she identifies areas where I need a new base of knowledge. Through her professional and patient instruction, I have greatly increased my French proficiency and confidence. »

Sam K. – Finance Director – Boulder CO, USA

« The teacher quickly assessed my level and created interesting coursework to improve my French. She was motivating, and really knows her stuff.”

Eileen P. – Publishing Business Developer – Arlington VA, USA

« My classes at Lalangue helped me a lot during my early months here to build up my confidence in French. I would highly recommend their classes to anyone serious about improving their French. »

Jane P. - Software company Sales Representative - Paris, France